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Swimming Pools

Create A Beautiful Oasis In Your Backyard

If you’re considering a pool for your new construction, or want to have a pool added to your property, we’re the experts to call for breathtaking results. For over 25 years we have provided superior custom pool design service in Chennai.
SBF Green Walls is specialized in providing swimming pool design and building pools in Chennai since 1994. We pride ourselves on creating your dream pool, your way! Building the pool is only the beginning. Building to fit your lifestyle is what separates us from the rest.
Whether it is classical or contemporary, we can take you from conception to completion. Each pool is designed with years of experience and with your needs in mind. No two pools are alike. Your family, lifestyle, and budget are all factors that we work with. We can design the project for phases that can be done over the years or all at once. What matters is that with SBF Green Walls you get what you want, not what someone else wants to sell you.
Your relationship with SBF Green Walls begins with the design and installation of your pool. The relationship then continues with exceptional maintenance and service. Our experts are always ready for whatever you may need.


We provide complete range of water solutions and turn key projects, and also we offer you technical services.

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