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Geo Textile Fabric

Non-woven needle-punched Geo Textile with excellent water flow rate used for drainage and filtration in the application of Landscapes, Soil Stabilization, Trenches, wrapping in perforated pipelines, soil erosion, railway construction, etc.

Geotextiles enhance the performance and design life of granular layers by providing the separation & filtration function. Geotextile's general use includes ground stabilization (between the sub-base and subgrade) and around drainage materials. Geotextiles provide an effective solution to the problem of constructing a stable granular layer over soft foundation soils. When stone is placed directly on a soft subgrade, the imposed load often causes intermixing of two layers. This results in contamination of the stone layer and a resulting loss in bearing strength, surface rutting, and deformation at the sub-base/subgrade interface.

Whether it’s a granular drain or a geosynthetic alternative such as open geo cellular units, Geotextiles are ideal for preventing the ingress of fines.

Geotextile's filters/separators are used extensively in the construction of:

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