SBF Green Walls

Plastic Nursery Pot

We are into large-scale distribution of quality plastic pots, window planters, designer pots, and drip trays to meet the ever-increasing requirements of plant growers and plant lovers.

We have envisioned our products with boundless creativity and dexterity, giving utmost importance to their utility. We have integrated our experience and insight with product testing and offered on shelves, the most innovative and viable plethora of gardening and horticulture items.

We deal in best in its class Growing Pots, Planters, Base Trays/Drip Trays/ Saucers, Window Planters, Hanging Pots & Trays & Hanging Baskets, etc ranging from 3” to 24” sizes in Black, Terracota in addition to standard 7 Colours.

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