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3 Box Planter Modules

An innovative Vertical Garden Module, the 3 Box Planter Module comes with 150 mm x 450mm strong Polypropylene frame/panel easily fixable on wall or frame structure. The frame/panel facilitates support for individual pots in addition to providing snap-in and snap-out mechanism for installing and replacement. The structure is modular and expandable with every 3 pots vertically and horizontally.

As economical, easy to maintain and highly aesthetic, the 3 Box Planter Module is nestled with empty pots to make storage and transportation easy. It is ideal for seasonal flowering plants display and easily replaceable with seasonal succulents and plant varieties with every passing season. Incorporation of seamless drainage structure and auto irrigation system, the maintenance of wall garden becomes very easy and minimizes the plant decay. Its design versatility enables the user to create curved walls or circular towers thereby giving room to landscape designer ot architect to accommodate their creativity.

3 Box Planter Module – Specifications

3 Box Planter Module – Features

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